Gesture Albums


  • Use gestures or keyboard to quickly organize photos.
  • Automatically select and delete blank albums.
  • Automatically merge albums with the same name.


Other functions

  • Organization progress.
    • It can be displayed in figures or percentage.
  • Organize according to albums or folders.
  • Manage album files.
  • Manage albums and folders.
  • Manually create, delete, and rename albums and folders.
  • Manually merge albums.




Release Notes

1.0.0 (26)

  • First release.

1.0.1 (28)

  • Fix the problem of abnormal interface refresh when setting/canceling as favorites for dynamic Gif-type pictures.
  • Interface optimization.
  • When the editing interface exits, if there is any modification, the user will be prompted to apply it.

1.0.2 (29)

  • Fixed an issue with ordinal updates when the last photo was set to be deleted.

1.1.0 (35)

  • New animation when setting/cancelling favorites.
  • Optimize the status bar interface.
  • Fixed an issue that video is still playing in background after the edit page is closed.
  • added feedback in purchase.
  • updated UI.
  • rollback when iCloud download encounter error.
  • updated Chinese translations.
  • fixed an issue of text color when force-in dark mode.

1.2.0 (76)

  • It is recommended that users view the official guide built into the application, which contains instructions for default settings and hidden functions.
  • Renamed app as "Gesture Albums".
  • Added support for macOS and iPadOS.
  • Fixed gesture range issue.
    • If a photo was too narrow, there was no place to perform the gesture before.
  • Fixed an issue that set album didn't set.

  • Updated UI
    • Added book image button for help.
    • Added Setting page.
    • Replace native TabView with customized Tab like view, as native TabView has issue with keyboard shortcuts.
    • Added workaround for iPadOS List selected highlight color.
      • By default iPadOS use app's accent color as the highlight of selection. However, the same color is used to show text, then a user can't see the text the background color is the same color.
    • Fixed an issue of leap year on purchase info.
    • Updated UI of EditView toolbar.
    • Added percentage style.
    • Many minor changes.

  • Model
    • Updated model.
    • Added iCloud syncing with data and settings.

  • Behavior
    • Reset will reset organized photos in current album. Use to reset all organized photos in the photo library.
    • Organized photos will be applied to all albums. Use to applied to only the current album.

  • Keyboard Support
    • If you have a physical keyboard.
    • You can quit most views with "ESC" key.

1.2.1 (77)

  • Both Editions
    • Promotion, free for subscribers in the first week, welcome to try.
    • Temporary solution to iCloud synchronization problems.
      • When setting up iCloud synchronization, there will be an error in the next synchronization after sync nil. You need to use secondary encapsulation to bypass nil.
      • The in-app shows that when setting up an album, if it is set to a photo library, and then set to another album, this setting will be overwritten by iCloud and still displayed as a photo library. It must be set up twice to be set up successfully.
      • This update solves this problem.
      • The root cause of this problem is Apple's iCloud terminal, and I have submitted an error report to Apple. FB13171112
      • Before Apple solves this problem. This problem can only be bypassed in other ways.


  • Dual version
    • Interface optimization
    • Updated the third-party framework to the latest
    • Replaced a cute icon


  • Performance Optimization
    • Implemented cached loading for images and live photos, enhancing performance when users switch between pictures.
  • Bandwidth Reduction
    • When fetching photos, they're optimized for the user's screen size instead of retrieving the original images, saving on bandwidth.