Xliff Tool For Xcode

The Xliff Tool for Xcode (often just called Xliff Tool) is a translation utility crafted for developers. It facilitates the editing of xliff and xcloc file formats.

The Xliff Tool leverages AI for translations. You have the option to utilize Apple's integrated ML translation services or opt for a local or online LLM translation service. Furthermore, the most recent iteration of the Xliff Tool also boasts the ability to scrutinize the grammar of text and offer constructive feedback for revisions.

Notably, the Xliff Tool enhances translation precision through cross-verification, a feature that proves particularly useful even for those without prior knowledge of the target language.

It is highly advisable to consult the "Best Practices" guide before delving into the Xliff Tool. This guide, which is a compilation of insights and techniques by developers for using the Xliff Tool, can significantly enhance your translation workflow. The "Best Practices" guide is easily identifiable within the Xliff Tool by its distinct yellow book icon.

For your convenience, you can also access and read the "Best Practices" guide online, located at the top of this website's homepage.





Release Notes

3.0.0 (317, 318)

  • Initial launch in App Store.
  • Rewrote app entirely in SwiftUI.
  • Replaced Realm with Core Data. Support iCloud sync.
  • Supported macOS, iOS, iPadOS.


  • Added progress text for AI translation.
  • Added Xliff Tool Translating 2.0 shortcut.
    • Comparing to the old shortcut, the new one can use more broadly, and support translating progress.
  • No longer check empty sources.


  • Fixed an issue that when only one source, the target was 1.
  • Fixed pro version check in WelcomeView
  • Clear pasteboard when finish AI translations.


  • macOS
    • New Icon: A cuter new icon has been implemented.
    • Removed Inquiry for Verification Method: The need to ask whether to open with verification method has been eliminated, as large language models can be used for quick authentication.
    • New Features:
      • Grammar Check:
        • Grammar check for long sentences.
        • Detection for character-by-character text.
      • Translation:
        • Local large language model translation.
        • Reset translation.
      • Verification of Translation:
        • Local large language model verification of translation.
        • Cross-validation translation by local large language models.
        • Reset verification.
      • Settings:
        • Additional settings have been added for the features mentioned above.
        • For example, which large language model to use for each feature can be individually configured.
      • New language support added for Japanese and Korean translations.
    • Interface Improvements:
      • Detailed optimization of progress windows for various translations and verifications, including more details and helpful features.
      • Rearrangement of toolbar icon layout.
      • Increased the default minimum size of the window, as there are more toolbar icons.
      • Other interface optimizations.
  • iOS
    • Interface optimization
    • Updated the third-party framework to the latest
    • Replaced a cute icon


  • Xliff Tool for Xcode on visionOS.
  • LLM functions to iOS/iPadOS/visionOS.
  • Add SettingsView for iOS/iPadOS/visionOS.
  • Optimized UI.
  • Change OS support to iOS 17, macOS 14, visionOS 1.1.
  • Fix NavigationSplitView ObservableObject issue with @Observable macro.


  • Add Online LLM Settings.
  • Add support for online LLMs: Moonshot(Kimi) and OpenAI(GPT3.5-turbo)
  • Optimize UI for all platforms (iOS/iPadOS/visionOS/macOS).
  • Add iCloud syncing for some settings.
  • Rewrite Best Practices. Recommend all users to read it again.
  • If you have issue using Local LLMs with iOS, please read the online manual. Local Large Language Model
  • Update the Privacy Agreement
    • Add info about online LLMs.
  • Update Core Data Models.
  • Add all functions in macOS to iOS/iPadOS.
  • Fix an issue that saving is not complete sometimes.
  • Fix an issue that translated status is not update properly.
  • Fix an issue that cross verify progress mismatched.