Focus is committed to improving your concentration at the specified time. And after the specified time is completed, remind you to stand up and move your body.

Concentration now supports tags, and supports the calculation of part-time salary, as well as self-made part-time invoices, and can be exported in a variety of formats.

Version 1.0


Focus on detecting whether the user has a keyboard or mouse or other operations within a period of time through the system service to determine whether the user is busy in front of the computer. The default monitoring time is 2 minutes and 45 minutes. For example:

When the user starts to use the computer, Focus begins to be detected. If the user does not have any mouse or keyboard operation for 2 consecutive minutes, it is considered that the computer is not being used. The cumulative time is zero. If the user keeps using it, at the 45-minute Focus will remind the user to stand up and move. If the period is zero, and then the user comes back, Focus will automatically re-accumulate the time after it is detected.

During the operation, Focus will detect the application you are currently using and accumulate the usage time. After that, the proportion of your use of the app in these 45 minutes will be calculated. At the same time, each application has its own category type. Focus will also count the time of category type during the operation period, and calculate the proportion of the time used for the highest category type as your current concentration.

Simply put, in these 45 minutes, the longer you use the application you work with, the more focused you will be. If you use other unrelated apps during the second period, your concentration will decrease. Therefore, you can improve your work efficiency by improving your concentration.




Release Notes


  • The application name has changed from Stand Reminder to Focus.
  • Replaced the new version of the application icon.
  • The application supports macOS 12 and later versions.
  • New application subscription function.
  • Multiple main view styles have been added, and users can select them in the settings.
  • New log function.
    • The log is divided into two parts: the goal and the whole process.
    • The goal is the concentration analysis within the specified time.
    • The whole process is an analysis of the concentration from the beginning to the interruption.
    • For example, the user starts to work, and the concentration automatically starts to time. When the 45-minute goal is completed, the concentration prompts the user to stand up and move, but the user still has a short period of work to finish, so he works for 10 more minutes. After that, I left the computer and began to rest. At this time:
      • The goal is 45 minutes.
      • The whole journey is 50 minutes. Concentration will find that the user has left in the 52nd minute. So it was pushed back to 50 minutes and recorded.
    • What users need is to improve their concentration within the target time. And pay attention to the whole process time. If the whole process time is often too long, you can consider improving the target time.
  • The log mode only displays the content of the day. Users can change it in the settings for up to 30 days.
  • Translation update.


  • Fixed a rare crash issue.

2.0.2 (60)

  • Fixed an issue that app didn't hide when a user logs in on macOS 13.

2.0.3 (68)

  • Update the interface and add a new outer circle. The outer circle can display the time occupied by all current applications, in percentage, or duration.

2.0.4 (69)

  • Fixed an issue that may crash.

2.1.0 (100)

  • Add a lovely new icon.
  • Supported tags.
    • adding and deleting tags.
    • saving a tag with session and target.
    • selecting a tag in log view.
  • Sorting and ordering logs.
    • by date.
    • by tags.
  • Added count, total duration and average duration in log view.
  • Exporting invoice for part time.
    • preview invoice
    • export invoice in markdown or CSV file.
  • Removed target log view.