Internet Helper





Internet Helper is a tool to test internet delays. It shows the delay of target URL as set.

Internet Helper provides speed function to let the user known the changing of internet. Further more, the user could run customize scripts. Internet Helper provides the conditions like remote network error or local network overtime, which are used as preconditions.

A user could add single-page web apps as tabs, for example, the router's setting page, the page that controls remote downloading.

Scripts and tabs can be grouped. A user could set different groups when necessary. For example, someone may hide the tab of home's router at work.

Internet Helper also shows user's IP information.

Internet Helper uses iCloud Key-Value syncing to sync the preferences. User's settings, scripts and tabs are all synced between devices.



Update Logs

2.1.1 (72)

  • First release

2.1.2 (75)

  • Second version submitted for review subscriptions

2.1.3 (76)

  • Updated third-party framework
  • Subscription is finally available

2.2.0 (78)

  • Temporarily disabled the cleaning function. There seems to be a problem with the third-party framework, and the application will crash when cleaning up.
  • Fixed the problem of storing and deleting scripts. Previously, sometimes the script was not successfully stored, which caused the application to crash when deleted.
  • The SwiftUICharts framework is replaced by the system's built-in Swift Charts framework under macOS Ventura. Swift Charts has fewer functions, but it can guarantee availability. SwiftUICharts will crash when the application starts under Ventura.

2.2.1 (81)

  • The new version of Realm fixes the problem that the application may crash when cleaning. Therefore, the cleaning function has been restored. When this version runs for the first time, the old version of the database will be deleted. This operation will only run once on every computer. Because although the new version of Realm fixes the previous problems, it can only guarantee that there will be no problems in the future. Previously, the database that may have problems needs to be manually deleted by the developer.
  • Optimized the height of the chart under Ventura.

2.3.0 (89)

  • When the user's language contains Chinese, the lunar date is displayed.

2.3.2 (92)

  • Fixed the problem that under macOS 13, the application was not automatically hidden after the system was started.

2.3.3 (100)

  • Added colorful indicator.
  • Changed chart color.
  • Added legend and settings.
  • Updated UI.
  • Updated 3rd-party frameworks.
  • Updated Chinese translations.


  • Internet Helper is in promotion with half price.
  • Support macOS 12 and later. Used to be macOS 11 and later.
  • Added Advance Guide. Click the App icon in the app.
  • Fixed an app freezing issue.
  • Updated UI.
  • Fixed an issue with iCloud key-value syncing.
  • Updated 3rd party framework to latest.


  • Internet Helper is in promotion with half price.
  • Fixed an issue that app may crash in macOS 14 Sonoma when user disabled Internet Helper access iCloud Drive.
  • Fixed an issue that setting syncing may crash Internet Helper if installed different versions between Macs.
  • Fixed an issue that the number of logs was over 200 after system awake.
  • Added a new setting max chart logs.
  • Updated Chinese translations.
  • Added advance book to toolbar.
  • Added macOS 14 Sonoma only features:
    • Added tips.
    • Selectable interactive bars.
    • Keyboard navigation through arrow keys.